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Re: regexp profiling hell....

Greg Harvey <> writes:

 > (Harvey J. Stein) writes, re: Maciej Stachowiak's
 > suggestion of hobbit compiling startup files:
 > > I *strongly* agree.  It's not just startup time that's helped.  It's
 > > *also* run time in *2* different ways:
 > > 
 > >   1. The compiled code itself runs faster.
 > >   2. The compiled code isn't in the data space so GC doesn't have to
 > >      scan it.
 > > 
 > > And, yes, a generational GC will help with 2, but a) it won't help
 > > with 1 & b) when's *that* going to happen?
 > >
 > Hopefully soon, provided I stop forgetting really important things
 > when figuring out how to implement it. I'm intending to put up notes
 > on my web site soon on how I'm planning on going about it (I'd do it
 > now, but I'm not completely sure yet ;). I've been a bit iffy about
 > saying anything on the list, in case it prevents someone else who
 > could get it much done much more quickly from working on it, but since
 > that doesn't seem to have happened up until now, I'm doubting that
 > there's too many people falling all over themselves to build a better
 > guile gc ;) 

Have you checked out Wilson's survey of gc techniques?

Harvey J. Stein
BFM Financial Research

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