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TODO list: httpd server parsed guile.

Hi, I noticed this in the todo list, and was wondering if anyone is
working on it.  It looks like something I might be capable of doing
(I've already done this with Tcl), and I hope have a go at it within
the next couple of weeks.

It's something I'll do for fun, and to become a bit more familiar with
guile, but I think there are several reasons why it will probably
never see much use:

People want nice, simple languages for web scripting.  At *most* they
want something like Perl or Python.. even Tcl is good enough in most
cases.  A lot of the people doing web scripting are not particularly
programmers, per se, nor do they need to be.  Languages like PHP work
great for these people - it's easy to pick up the basics and do
something useful.  Surely, there are those that may wish to do more
complex things in this realm of programming, however, I think there
are other things that may be the 'limiting factor' rather than the
programming language - to wit, the realities of how an http server
functions (persistent connections are a bit of a hack), SQL (ick), and
the speed and time constraints with which an implementation must work.

That said, it should be a reletively interesting project, and I hope
to provide something that at least a few people will find useful, and
learn something in the process:->

Thanks for your time,
David Welton                 

	Debian GNU/Linux -

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