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Re: TODO list: httpd server parsed guile.

On Fri, Oct 23, 1998 at 11:31:20PM -0700, wrote:

> It seems most non-programmers are scared of complex control structures,
> hence their affinity for "scripts", which tend to have a linear command-
> oriented nature.  Argument substitution a la $1, $2, etc is easy enough
> to understand, but going beyond that falls outside the template-filling
> paradigm that many regard (incorrectly) as the essense of programming.

Right - and a lot of people doing web scripting are definitely not
programmers.  Not by a long shot.  Not that they aren't bright people,
but, a language that allows them to be productive doing simple things
in the shortest time possible is a win for people paying money for
their time.  I spent my summer overseeing a big web scripting project,
so I've given the matter a fair amount of thought..  

David Welton                 

	Debian GNU/Linux -

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