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Re: gh_enter reconsidered

>  > Of course, the Boehm code needs to find the _absolute_ top of the
>  > stack when possible, while Guile can get away with anything closer
>  > to the stack bottom than main()'s frame pointer is.
> Why is this?

Paranoia is the only reason.

There is no way in the world that the user can place data in a higher
stack frame than main() (unless they use a customised link and ignore libc
or start inventing their own pointer values) so why bother scanning the
extra memory just to be conservative?

In my humble opinion, guile should attempt to scan as LITTLE of the
stack as possible rather than as MUCH as possible. Just do the job that
has to be done. Make clear to the user that the amount of code they hand
over into guile's care represents the amount of protection they get but

	- Tel

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