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Re: Scheme is too complicated

"Peter C. Norton" <> writes:

> Otherwise known as "The Little Schemer".  More then 21 days is
> "Scheme and the Art of Programming" and then "Structure and
> Interpretation of Computer Programming".

Sure.  I think SICP could be done in 21 days.  But that's just scheme;
it's not enough to teach me how to usefully use guile.  

I'll need to know about some of the extensions to guile (posix access,
perhaps some X toolkit, database access, regular expressions), and how
to add my own.

And I'll need to know about all of the other things that aren't in
standard scheme, like the module systems, and how to write scripts or
applications so they'll work (what magic to put at the top of the
files, how to embed guile in my own executable).

(And yes, all of this kind of information is in the standard books for
Tcl and Perl, although I've found the descriptions of Perl/Tk, for
example, a bit sparse.  I don't know much about Python, but I suspect
the book for that covers all the above too.)

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