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Re: gh_enter reconsidered

Jim Blandy writes:
> In the absence of really exciting new hacks I haven't heard of, Guile
> will continue to use conservative GC.  The alternatives --- explicitly
> marking heap pointers, and reference counting --- are clearly
> unacceptable, given Guile's goals.  I have direct long-term experience
> trying to use the first, and the second doesn't support Scheme's
> semantics.

I've often wondered whether a combination reference count/mark & sweep 
collector, that generally freed objects quickly (thanks to reference
counting) but periodically found circular structures with marking
would be of any use.

Frankly, though, Guile has a lot of problems right now, none of which
have anything to do with the GC it uses. There's no documentation, it
is slow, it doesn't have the sort of interfaces or module system it
needs, etc. It isn't a worthy competitor to things like Perl, at least 
not yet. Once the basic problems are further along, maybe spending
time on GC would be good....


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