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Re: require vs use-modules

After reading the guile ref manual, it's not clear to me that modules do
much more than slib's require -
I'm sure they do, it's just that either I'm too thick to see it, or the
documentation is sadly lacking.

The problem is I'm having wierd things happen, and I suspect it's something
to do with modules -
things like symbols that exist, but then I load some code and they are not
available to be used
in the loaded code. From what I read in the ref manual, there is no reason
for me to believe modules
would cause this, but there is too much I don't understand about modules.

> writes:
>> What if any is the relationship between slib's (require ..) and guile's
>> (use-module ...)
>> Should I favour one over the other? Are they interchangable? Are they
>> meant for
>> different purposes?
>One works for Guile modules, the other works for slib packages. They
>are not interchangable, AFAIK there is no package you can load using
>both methods. Personally, I would like to see slib packages made
>visible in the Guile module namespace, I have some ideas on this but I
might wait >for Godot before taking a crack at it.
 >- Maciej

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