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Re: require vs use-modules

David Welton writes:
> > > What if any is the relationship between slib's (require ..) and guile's
> > > (use-module ...)
> > One works for Guile modules, the other works for slib packages. They
> > are not interchangable, AFAIK there is no package you can load using
> > both methods. Personally, I would like to see slib packages made
> > visible in the Guile module namespace, I have some ideas on this but
> > I might wait for Godot before taking a crack at it.
> I ran into this last night, and figured it out, but it is definitely
> weird for new users (although I guess people deal with it in Perl, as
> well, with require, use, etc...).  Would be really cool if it were a
> bit more consistent.  I guess that's a fairly tall order, though.

Couldn't we just implement something so that:

(use-modules (slib pp))
; or, currently: (use-modules (ice-9 slib pp))  ?

is the same as:

(require 'pp)

Or is there a deeper structure to the modules that would make this
hack inconsistent with the rest of the module system?

Maybe it's just something waiting for the new module system to fix
it and it's already planned to make it disappear then.

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