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Re: Some sort of bug?? writes:

> Version is slib2c3 I think, which I believe is the latest one. Which one
> should I be using?
> Anyway, It doesn't seem to be some deep dark slib problem. Is there
> something going on here
> with modules and namespaces I don't understand? The xscm:vicinity symbol
> seems to be
> defined, but gives an error when it is accessed in a loaded file. But I
> think if I get that strvec.scm
> file and cut and paste it into the REPL, it seems to be ok.

(I thought I had sent an explanation to this yesterday.  Doesn't my
 mail get through? (We have had some mail problems here recently.))

Yes, the problem you experience has to do with modules:

You load the definition of xscm:vicinity into the default module
(guile user) but everything loaded with `require' gets loaded into the
module (ice-9 slib).

As I've said before, (ice-9 slib) isn't intended for emulation of
SCM.  S(hould we supply an SCM compatibility module?)

If you anyway want to do this, then you should move into the (ice-9
slib) module and do everything from within that module:

(use-modules (ice-9 slib))   ; load
(define-module (ice-9 slib)) ; move into the module

Now you're there...


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