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Re: Building slib.

>>>>> "David" == David Welton <> writes:

David> slib.texi:3826: @include htmlform.txi: No such file or directory.
David> slib.texi:3893: @include obj2str.txi: No such file or directory.

David> No one on the Debian lists seems to know about this (ie, where these
David> files might be found).

From my own (somewhat limited) experimentation: these are files
generated by the slib installation process. The new slib contains some
sort of documentation kind of hack called `schmooz'. The slib makefile
wants to run it over the slib scm files to generate (parts of) the
reference manual.

I seem to remember that schmooz did not run under guile (slib is after
all developed/maintained by the SCM author), but I am not sure.

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