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Re: The GIMP! By gum, I forgot all about it!

"Jim" == Jim Blandy <> writes:

Jim> Duh.

Jim> This is a high-visibility project.

Jim> Peter Mattis did do a Guile/GIMP interface at one point, but
Jim> we're not the standard there; they're still using SIOD.  Someone
Jim> who uses both Guile and the GIMP needs to pick this up, turn it
Jim> into a package people can use, and do whatever's needed to get
Jim> the GIMP people to accept it as their standard.  

I started work on a Guile-based scripting plug-in (called "gimple")
quite a long time ago, to replace the annoyingly obnoxious SIOD-based
Script-Fu.  I dropped it for lack of time, but it was picked up by
Lauri Alanko (, I think).  I don't know what the current
state of that project is.  Last I heard Lauri was swearing at how hard
it was to emulate SIOD's braindead set! semantics in guile.

There has been on-and-off discussion of putting guile into the gimp
core, but at the moment the notion appears strongly resisted because
guile is not adequately stable, insufficiently portable, and too big
and too slow (or is at least perceived as such).

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