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Re: Scheme is too complicated

Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:

 > writes:
 > > Readability: Scheme has a way of leading to long expressions.  When
 > > you get down to it, any functional procedure will be made up of one
 > > (long) expression.  That's hard for humans to parse.  I like the
 > > highlighting that DrScheme does -- when you are at a open or close
 > > parenthesis, it highlights (without being obnoxious) the expression
 > > that is enclosed by that parenthesis.  The passive nature of the
 > > highlighting is what makes it nice.  (The static code analysis that
 > > DrScheme does is also nice, but I'm not sure it's helpful enough to
 > > warrant the complexity of implementing the interface)
 > Hmm, does any Emacs expert know if this can this be done with Emacs's
 > font-lock-mode?


   (load-library "paren")

in your .emacs & whenever the cursor is near a parentheis then emacs
will hilight that parenthesis & the matching one.  It should be easy
enough to modify the above to hilight the entire expression, but I
find this sufficient & unobtrusive.

Harvey J. Stein
BFM Financial Research

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