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Re: Speed or functionality in Guile? (was: Re: gc notes available)

Since nobody's actually offering us an incremental collector at the
moment, the whole conversation is kind of moot.  I feel it's only
courteous to let people people know what I would merge into Guile and
what I wouldn't, and I've done that.

0) The obvious first rule: I can't accept something that I think will
make Guile too difficult to maintain in the future.  This is a
judgement call, but I don't see any way to avoid that.

1) I'll accept clean changes that make the GC faster.  They should
show enough of an improvement to excuse the additional complexity.

2) I'll accept changes that make all GC pauses unnoticable, but only
if the user can switch, at run time, to a fast collector.

Folks are certainly welcome to discuss this further, but I don't feel
like I'm accomplishing anything.

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