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ILU 2.0alpha13 - Guile Scheme ORB

Bill Janssen writes:
 > The Inter-Language Unification system (ILU) is a multi-language object
 > interface system.  The object interfaces provided by ILU hide
 > implementation distinctions between different languages, between
 > different address spaces, and between operating system types.  ILU can
 > be used to build multi-lingual object-oriented libraries ("class
 > libraries") with well-specified language-independent interfaces.  It
 > can also be used to implement distributed systems.  It can also be
 > used to define and document interfaces between the modules of
 > non-distributed programs.  ILU interfaces can be specified in either
 > the OMG's IDL language, or in ILU's Interface Specification Language,
 > which allows extensions to the CORBA spec.  Programming languages
 > supported in 2.0alpha13 are ANSI C, Common Lisp, Java, and Python;
 > rough Guile Scheme and C++ support is also present.  Additional ILU
 > support for Perl is freely available from outside sources.  Operating
 > systems supported in 2.0alpha13 are all Windows platforms with Win32
 > and WinSock, and all UNIX platforms with BSD sockets and minimal POSIX
 > compliance.  2.0alpha13 supports interoperability with ONC RPC
 > services, OMG CORBA services, World Wide Web HTTP services, and W3C
 > HTTP-NG services.  ``Plug-in'' extensibility is provided for RPC
 > message formats, message transport schemes, URL schemes, accounting
 > and authorization identity types, threading and event loop processing,
 > and various other things.  An implementation of the IETF's Common
 > Authentication Technology working group's Generic Security Service
 > (GSS) is provided, and can be used to wrap client-server connections
 > in a security context.  An XML parser is provided.  ILU is provided
 > free for unrestricted use.

What are the advantages of ILU over ORBit which is now used with GNOME? 

     Klaus Schilling

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