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Re: gc notes available

> > > > I think the value is good enough.  Not the modified object needs to be
> > > > in the root set, but the object that has a new reference to it.
> Is there a way to get the value you tried to assign? I've only played
> around with it enough to get the address, and re-enable writing for
> the page that faulted. I've not seen anything yet that uses the value
> that the fault was trying to write. I assumed it was possible, and it
> probably is, but I'm not entirely sure how you would go about
> it... maybe looking at the last instruction to see what the value it
> was trying to store was... it is a bit gross.

Actually, now that I look at it, neither the PowerPC nor the MIPS give
you the value being written.  I guess the kernel could figure it out,
but I doubt it does.  We could disassemble the instruction, but
we shouldn't.

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