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Re: hobbit problems

>>>>> "Dirk" == Dirk Herrmann <> writes:

    Dirk> On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Bernard URBAN wrote:

    >> A good example of how to use modules is hobbit itself...  Have
    >> a look at how hobbit4d/libhob.scm is compiled as a module.  The
    >> safe way to use modules with hobbit is to mimic this process.
    >> This may solve the problem you have with cdr.  If not, could
    >> you post a short and COMPLETE exemple showing this problem ?

    Dirk> I have a really minimal example:

    Dirk> ----------------- test.scm: begin ---------------- (define
    Dirk> my_car car) ------------------ test.scm: end
    Dirk> -----------------

    Dirk> I performed the following commands:

    Dirk> hob -v -c test.scm # the log is given below guile

You should compile as a module: hob -v -c -m test.scm
For all NEW definitions (not redefinitions), things should be fine
without -m.

    guile> (use-modules (hobbit4d link)) (hobbit-load-from-path
    guile> "test") car
    Dirk> ERROR: In expression car: ERROR: Unbound variable: car
    Dirk> ABORT: (misc-error)

    Dirk> Type "(backtrace)" to get more information.
    guile> cdr
    Dirk> #<primitive-procedure cdr>

    Dirk> This example shows that the problem occurs if a function is
    Dirk> given a new name. As you can see, no module stuff is used
    Dirk> (at least not by me).  Only those functions that are given a
    Dirk> new name are influenced, since 'cdr' is still defined.

    Dirk> I still can't tell the reason, since the generated C code
    Dirk> (which I enclose at the bottom) makes sense to me (although
    Dirk> I haven't looked very deeply into how interned symbols
    Dirk> work).

The way intern and friends work is also largely mysterious to me.
Added to module, it is a real nightmare. For the sake of hobbit,
having intern well explained and a C interface to modules would help a
lot. If anyone is listening to that...


B. Urban

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