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Re: readline strategies?

It would certainly be bad PR to not have readline enabled by default in
the coming release. I certainly agree that to run guile from within
emacs is the most recommendable way, but even I, who always have at least
one emacs running with a guile going in some buffer and most often several
guiles running on multiple machines I use guile from the command line
quite often. I have a lot of scripts written in guile and even the most
simple script is just incredible enchanced with readline. How often are
you not wanting to read some file in interactively? With readline enabled
such scripts takes full advantage of e.g. the file completion facility.

As e.g. a first time user testing guile you would be rather disappointed
when you try starting guile and you got echoes like "^P ^A" etc. You will
get the same descent feeling as when you start e.g. the standard ftp.

With readline, apropos and paranthes matching enabled on the repl line
it's just great and this first time user will probably not drop it as
yet another programming language. First time users does not want to
recompile and configure programs to start with.

Klaus Schilling writes:
> Clark McGrew writes:
>> Hopefully, the guile with readline will be part of the next guile
>> 1.3.x release.  It's a PR thing.  It's going to look bad if the users
>> view of the guile command line interface takes a noticable step
>> backwards.
> But the most recommendable way to use guile interactively is within
> the emacs -f run-scheme , there it does not matter if readline is
> enabled.
> Klaus Schilling

Roland Orre

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