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Re: Guile and --with-readline?

> As i can see from the ChangeLog, Jim Blandy removed the
> readline configury completely from Uhm..
> may i ask why?
> I know that guile can't be linked to readline by default to
> prevent copyright problems, but what was wrong with the
> --with-readline option?
> And more importantly, how can i add readline support to guile
> now? I hope it didn't get dropped completely?
>      -forcer

I agree it's inconvenient; I really liked it.

The problem is that the sysadmin shouldn't be in the position of
leading people working with Guile on her system into a copyright
violation.  The decision to use or not use readline has to be made by
the end user.

If someone could turn the readline support into a dynamically linked
module, and tell me what to put in my ~/.guile file, I'd be very

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