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Using async's in Guile.

I am attempting to use async's in Guile (I am actually writing a small
thread emulation system).

It appears that the functions:


are designed for user-controlled asynchronous events, where one part of the
code might mark an async to run, and it only gets run when run-asyncs is

Is this a correct assessment?

It appears that if you want the system to run your asynchronous events for
you, you must use:


What I would like is to be able to mark an asynchronous event, and have it
execute after some amount of time.  

It seems, however, no matter what my switch-rate and tick-rate are, marking
an async immediately causes it to run.

I am examining the Guile source for more info.

Anyone have any pointers?

When I do figure this out, would it be worth it to write a tutorial on using
these async functions?  I didn't find them documented in the current CVS
tree.  If I did write such documentation, where would it belong?

         -  -  Bradley M. Kuhn  -  -

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