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Re: New smob interface

Greg Harvey writes:
 > Mikael Djurfeldt <> writes:
 > > But, we never told it that sizeof (WINDOW) bytes was allocate in the
 > > first place!  This is normally handled inside scm_must_malloc.  (All
 > > Guile objects have their storage allocated using that call.)
 > Here you should use scm_done_malloc. There should also be a
 > scm_done_free call, so that you don't have to return the size freed to
 > the gc, which can be unwieldy if you have a large, dynamic
 > structure (I think it's a bit gross, anyway ;). 

Where should those routines be placed? Immediately after the function
that allocates/frees a struct which gets wrapped into a smob returns?
Before or after a gh_allow_ints()? (If it really makes sense to call
gh_defer_ints before)

I just noticed , in addition, that my SCM2WINDOW does not even check
whether the smob is of the correct type, and that should be done as
soon as possible , similar as in the old implementation , where one 
checked the CAR of the object's cell against the tag of the smob type.
How would one do that under the new interface? 

Klaus Schilling

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