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grover, a Scheme implementation of Groves (runs in guile)

After recieving some inquiries about my work with SGML/XML and guile I
figured some others on the list may want to see this.

grover is not a guile module since I have yet to come up with a good
scheme of writing guile/bigloo/scheme48/scsh/rscheme etc... modules
from the same code base.  Once I come up with a good way of doing that
I will be releasing it as modules for the various systems.

In light of the new I/O system, and GOOPS, I hope that we can see more
guile SGML applications in the future.  To support this I am working
on an ESIS/nsgmls interface for r5rs schemes. that will be released as
a set of guile and bigloo modules, as well as just straight.  Much of
this work has already been done with SDC, and just needs to be made


grover, a Scheme implementation of Groves (ala SGML/XML)

grover is a scheme implementation of groves with a focus on
portability. It should run in any R5RS scheme. It is known to work in
bigloo, guile, scsh, scheme48, and rscheme. It does not presently
define any property sets, but in the near future it will come with
property set definitions for ESIS streams and SGML/XML documents, and
possibly others.

Groves, is not quite an acronym of "Graphs of Propertied Values". They
are directed, acyclic graphs of nodes, which have properties. When a
SGML/XML processor reads in a document it can create a grove. The set
of properties that each node has is defined in a property set. The
property set offers the application a complete definition of what
information is contained in the grove representation of the document.


The current version is 0.9, and it is available at:

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