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Re: [Fwd: CVS server name has changed]

David Pirotte <> writes:

> david@lagrosse:~/ftp/guile 26 $ cvs -d login
> (Logging in to
> CVS password: 
> Unknown host
> david@lagrosse:~/ftp/guile 27 $ 
> In fact, I type 'anoncvs' but I don't know why it's completing the passwd with ''

It's not completing the password, it's just a bit unfortunate that the cvs
server is called and the password is anoncvs ... I just
try to login and did a cvs -z3 update guile-core without problem.

In csh or tcsh, do the following:
%> setenv CVSROOT
%> cvs login
type 'anoncvs' at the password prompt
There should be no further message. You can now update/checkout guile
modules (run 'cvs -z3 checkout modules' to find out which modules are

On second thought, the fact that your cvs login complained about an unknown
host means that there is something wrong with your DNS configuration. Try
running 'nslookup'; you should get an error and fix your
DNS setup ( /etc/resolv.conf under Linux ).


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