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Re: mod_guile design problems

thi <> writes:

>> forcer writes:
>> > - I want to make smob's for the request_rec, server_rec and
>> >   conn_rec structures. Those are actually automagically
>> >   destroyed by apache when it's done with it. I have no idea how to
>> >   handle this - mod_guile modules can of course store the smob's
>> >   wherever they like, and access them even after the real
>> >   ones have vanished. sadly, apache does *not* provide a clean
>> >   way to register "cleanup"-functions for these structures.
>> > perhaps this is a good place to use guardians?
>> Where can i find any information about guardians?
> there is a link to guardians on this page:

Hmm.. Guardians can be used to guard Scheme objects from the
Guile garbage collector. The problem is, that it's neither a
Scheme object i want to "protect" nor is it guile's garbage
collector that is freeing the object. :(

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