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Re: mod_guile design problems

Doesn't the request_rec become invalid each time the call-back returns?
Even though you may get several callbacks with the same request_rec, if
you assume that it has gone invalid each time the call-back returns
you'd be ok. Does this solve it?

forcer wrote:
> Actually, i'm supplying neither. I get the request_rec structure
> as an argument to a callback-function, in which i'll call any
> appropriate Scheme handler for this callback, and passing exactly
> this request_rec structure to the handler. The handler might
> modify the request_rec structure if it wants to.
> The same request_rec is used to multiple callbacks.
> After this specific request is over, the request_rec is destroyed.
> I can't rely on any details in the structure, since it's free'd :(
> The only solution i see so far is to make a copy of the
> request_rec structure and pass the copy to the Scheme code. When
> it returns, i have to copy the values back, and free the copied
> request_rec using the normal smob guides.
> This is not a very sleak solution, but the only i can think of. *sigh*
>         -forcer
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