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Elk/Guile (Re: Bad news from the module/environment front)

> From: Telford Tendys <>
> I've been looking at ``elk'' which is a very together scheme inplementation
> and available for Debian now.

I have also taken a look at Elk
and it seems really nice.  Startup time is not noticeable on my old
Iris (R4000,100MHz) while guile-1.3 takes about 12 seconds!!!
(((((by the way, on my machine the cvs-guile exits immediately like
  ortler[libguile] 21> guile
  ERROR: In procedure struct-ref:
  ERROR: Wrong type argument in position 2: 5.0
  ortler[libguile] 22> 
Does anybody know the reason straight away?)))))

As much as I understand Guile is based on SCM.  Is that correct?
Are there special reasons for not having based it on Elk which seems
to have precisely the same goals as Guile?

> The nice thing is that it also has a debugger that grabs the stack
> frames and allows you to walk through them, evaluate things at each
> stack level, inspect variables, whatever... all by using these peekholes
> into closures. I can't seem to get it to give a backtrace like guile
> does but it must be possible because you can trace through each frame
> by hand if you want to.

Is there a debugger for Elk?  I didn't find anything like that.  Also
the manual gives almost no hints.

> Strange that you don't mention elk in your list, maybe it is
> too new. However, it has a very focused target market -- application
> developers who want an easy way to tack an interpreted extension
> language onto their code. This is doubly dangerous to guile
> because elk has hooks into various X toolkits so the lazy coder
> can knock up widgetty front ends in elk while hanging some grunty
> C on the back end. Every function is documented too.

From what I have found on that WWW-page Elk is rather old
(there is a nice reference
  USENIX Computing Systems, vol. 7, no. 4, 1994
which one can get as
from which it seems that it has been available already in 1989).

But I'm in doubt if they are still active at the moment.


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