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Re: A generic reader for Guile?

Chris Bitmead <> writes:

> Let me get this straight...
> You are saying that you could link the bison/lex skeleton into guile
> (once and for all), and then define the rules for the language in Scheme
> to generate a parser which is just as fast as a regular bison/lex
> parser?
> Then you are further saying that you could define the Scheme language
> itself in Scheme generating bison/lex rules and therefore discard the
> existing Scheme parser?

Exactly!  :-)

> It all sounds incredibly clever. I might even have time to work on it
> say 10 or 15 summers hence :-)

Since this would be so useful, since it's a thing that could be
subdivided into many tasks which different people can work on, and
since it seems like a few people *are* interested in working on it,
how about forming a small project group, developing this thing?

I would suggest that Lynn is appointed team leader.  I will supply you
with my current hack and a few ideas.  I may also be of some help
concerning low-level details.

How do you feel about this idea, Lynn?

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