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Re: Announcing guile-hobbit-1.3.3

Bernard URBAN <> writes:

> The subject says it all...
> >From the README file:
> This is version 1.3.3 of the hobbit compiler for Guile.

Thanks for Guile-Hobbit!

Looks like its configure requires libtool-1.2, yet perhaps libtool-1.3
is also okay?  The test should be less restrictive and assume future
versions will be good enough, as well.

Also, Hobbit does not seem to like Maciej's reader extensions in
optargs.scm;  how hard would adding support for those syntaxes be?

If anybody is looking for a project to play with Hobbit for, we'd love
to try getting Scwm to work with dynamically-loaded Hobbit-compiled
modules.  It'd be a great contribution to Scwm!


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