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Re: The taming of the before-gc-hook (was Re: Upcoming 1.3.2 release)

Mikael Djurfeldt <> writes:

 > Using a special registration function and mechanism for the
 > before-gc-hook is certainly one possibility, and, maybe it is the most
 > easily maintainable in the long run.
 > I'd like to propose two additional alternatives:
 > 1. The C programmer sees two hooks
 >       scm_before_gc_hook
 >       scm_after_gc_hook
 >     to which he can attach his C functions (wrapped as a subr).
 >     The Scheme programmer sees only after-gc-hook (which is in fact
 >     the hook stored in scm_after_gc_hook).
 > This is as safe the special registration function alternative, but the
 > user interface is more symmetric and less code is required to
 > implement it.

Why is a C function on scm_before_gc_hook any safer than a Scheme
function?  The C function can just as easily call guile functions
which require space to be grabbed.

Harvey J. Stein
Bloomberg LP

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