[Lispweb] Question: Lisp CGI that loads big hash only once

rso at gmx.at rso at gmx.at
Wed Apr 12 09:09:11 CDT 2006


I have written a parser for French in clisp. Now I would like to publish it ony my website 
http://rso.mine.nu. But I have a big problem with the dictionary which is a hash with +122000 
entries all added in the form of:
(setf(gethash "complaisance" *dict*)'((NOM "complaisance" f s ((NIL )) 10.66)))

Now what I want to do, is load the dict.lsp once when I start the parser. In all other runs when 
somebody starts the lisp cgi, the cgi script can use the variable *dict* too.

I am using the cgi-utils [1]. The software should run on a ubuntu apache2 and a freebsd 5.3 apache2 

I would like to avoid a database because of the installation and connection difficulties.

I would be very happy about an idea about how to load a variable once and let all other clisp cgi 
scripts use this variable afterwards.

Thank you very much

Best regards

Richard Socher

[1] http://www.cliki.net/lisp-cgi-utils

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