[Lispweb] Replacement for with-url-params?

Alan Shields lispweb at alan.shields.name
Tue Aug 15 05:30:25 CDT 2006

On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 04:57:59AM -0000, Pixel // pinterface wrote:
> I keep seeing links to code.microarray.omrf.org in relation to araneida, but
> every time I try to browse anything there, it always times out.
> The repositories on common-lisp.net work, though many don't seem to be
> linked from anywhere, and the latest I've been able to find by guessing repo
> names* is dated Feb 14, a far cry from the Jul 15 of the repo you're
> apparently using.
> * http://common-lisp.net/project/araneida/araneida-slim2/
> Since I'd like to use, and undoubtedly hack on, Araneida, what's the best
> server to pick a repo from? If it's the omrf.org one, is there some magical
> incantation or time of day by which the server can be reached? Or am I
> better off pulling from common-lisp.net and not worrying about whatever
> improvements may have been made since then?

The common-lisp.net repos are the ones I upload to. Well, theoretically.

code.microarray.omrf.org I have no control over these days, since I left
the OMRF to go back to school.

Jeff, you want to weigh in here and let us know what the deal is with code.moo?

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