The BKGo Web System

For the completely impatient, you can jump right in by jumping down to our start section. Otherwise, read this background first:

How Does it Work?

System Requirements

We recommend the latest version of either Netscape or IE. These browsers seem to have the best implementations of Java 1.1.

However, we have tested different browsers, and here are our finds:

Browser               Status
Netscape 4.5          OK

Netscape 4.07         OK

Netscape 4.04         NO -- It's java console says "Java 1.1.2",
                            but it *doesn't* have java.awt.event package
                            in its own jar files!  We WILL NOT support
                            an incomplete implementation of Java 1.1!

IE 5.0                OK

IE 4.0                NO -- Connects fine, but GoGame frame is blank:
                      "BorderLayout: cannot add to layout:  
                       unknown constraint: null" ??

To Start

Examine the list of currently running BKGo servers on this site. When you find a server you like, the client applet will be presented to you.