bug in output using -r and -b together

From: Jon Shapiro <jshapiro@bbn.com>
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 15:21:08 GMT


First of all, thanks for the most excellent tool (or its maintenance thereof)!
I do not know if all the parameters are required below, but it would seem
that the -r and -b fields are somehow overlapping in the output. Using the
following command:

using: cvs2cl.pl -t --no-wrap -S -r -b

causes the branch label to overwrite the revision number in ChangeLog as

2002-08-12 13:40 jons

         * Mem_access.cpp (tags: JSRS3043) (JSRS3005B1.11):

whereas using: cvs2cl.pl -t --no-wrap -S -r gets:

2002-08-12 13:40 jons

         * Mem_access.cpp (, JSRS3043):

note: output of cvs2cl.pl --version yeilds:

  cvs2cl.pl version 2.38; distributed under the GNU GPL.

and was downloaded on 14-aug-2002 from the red-beans web site.

- Jon Shapiro

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