Re: v2.54 doesn't produce any output

From: Karl Fogel <>
Date: Sun Jun 20 2004 - 12:44:25 GMT

Martyn, could this possibly be Yet Another Instance of the infamous
recent change in CVS's date formats?

I guess when Yury shows us the 'cvs log' output, we'll know for sure.


"Martyn J. Pearce" <> writes:
> Greetings Yury,
> On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 06:54:52PM +0400, Yury Lebedev wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > I'm sorry for strange question but is latest v2.54 really work? I'd checked
> > it with cvs 1.11.2 and cvsnt 2.0.44 (with all client/server side
> > combinations), WinXP (ActivePerl or and RedHat Linux
> > 9.0 but couldn't force the script to prodice any output even I redirected
> > saved 'cvs log' dump to script's stdin :-( No result file and no stdout
> > output. I detected that 'output_changelog' subroutine (starting from 1125
> > line) didn't iterate first its 'while' loop for unknown reason
> > (unfortunately I didn't familiar with Perl to say more).
> I can confirm that for many people, including myself (the current maintainer),
> cvs2cl 2.54 does indeed work. Thankfully, I have a significant test suite as
> well.
> I think that possibly the best thing would be for you to show us an example
> that shows the problem for you: the command line you're using, and the output
> of cvs log in the directory you're working (the smaller the log, the better).
> Also, what does 'md5sum' report? It's worth checking that you don't
> have a broken download.
> Mx.
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