Re: v2.54 doesn't produce any output

From: Martyn J. Pearce <>
Date: Sat Jul 10 2004 - 19:43:46 GMT

Greetings Yury, Hi Karl!

Apologies for the delay in responding to this. Thank you very much for the
log output; that was most helpful, and with that, I conclude that the problem
is incorrect handling of carriage-returns on windows. I think that different
windows systems have differing behaviours with regard to this, but I have made
a patch which is in 2.57 (being uploaded now), which I believe will
solve this issue.

Thank you for your patience,

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 01:23:02PM +0400, Yury Lebedev wrote:
> Hi All
> Thank you for response.
> I send 'cvs log' dump for public 'yaxx' SourceForge project accessible for
> anonymous login with empty password. Also below is the WinXP console output
> of my attempts to run from CVS sandbox or with redirected 'cvs
> log' dump:
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