cvs2cl and deleted files (not a bug)

From: Tim Bradshaw <>
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 11:52:20 GMT

I use cvs2cl to maintain changelogs of a multi-file system. I keep
the changelogs themselves in cvs, and use something like

    cvs2cl -r -b -I '.*ChangeLog'

to regenerate them.

One problem is that, if you delete a subdirectory (delete all the
files then cvs update -P), then cvs log stops looking at it. So the
changelog essentially rewrites history as if those files had never
existed. I thought that --accum might deal with this - rather then
rewriting the whole changelog each time - but it seems not to work, at
least for me - it adds new stuff to the log each time it's run, so
presumably somehow it's not managing to spot the last entry in the log
and only run cvs log after that, or something?

This is not a big problem since I keep per-directory changelogs too,
and they don't get censored, only the big central one. I also think
it's probably just inherent in the way cvs works that this stuff is
hard to get right.

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