cvs2cl 2.44 has added extra square brackets, and bang path lossage

From: Tim Bradshaw <>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 11:28:46 GMT

Old versions of cvs2cl (2.38) would print the revision numbers of a
single file as x.y.z.a, but of multiple files on the same branch as
x.y.z.[a,b.c]. The new version prints even the singleton revision as
x.y.z.[a]. It would be good if there was at least an option to
prevent this, as it makes lots of spurious diffs appear in ChangeLogs.

Also, older cvs2cl's did the clever `use /bin/sh then exec perl trick'
which meant the perl path didn't matter, the new one hard wires in
/usr/bin/perl (which is not always right on, say, older versions of

I've attached diffs to `fix' these two changes, which are almost
certainly not what you want, since you probably want the [] change
conditionalised by a switch.

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