Re: bug report for

From: Mukund <>
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 17:12:40 GMT

hi martyn

> What are your perl compilation options? Do you have any locale settings in
> force? Have you tried this on a different system? (and what is the system
> you're using)?

i am using a stock red hat linux 8.0 full-install with the perl installed
with it. i know hardly anything of perl.. haven't used it much, so i don't
really know what i should be looking for to give you. i have attached a
copy of the output from "perl -V" to this email.

[root@pyx root]# rpm --query perl
[root@pyx root]#

i have tried it on "limbo" which was a red hat linux beta release before
8.0 was released. i get similar output.

kind regards,

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