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From: Mukund <>
Date: Mon Nov 25 2002 - 10:38:09 GMT

hi martyn

> Hm, the compile options don't indicate anything untoward to my eye (although
> the sysadmin seems to have gone control-frantic). This is very curious. I
> ran through a vanilla perl-5.8.0 on FreeBSD (my previous test was on a v. old
> debian woody linux), and again, I'm not getting anything out-of-the-ordinary.

the perl installation is stock. it's just the redhat supplied RPMS.
nothing else has been changed. any tightening of security, control, etc.
would have been done by the package maintainer.

> Can you send me the output of env? We're fishing in the dark a bit here.
> I assume hte program is still working. Is it giving any bad output (as
> opposed to warnings)?

i have attached the output of env. the program still works, although the
speed seems to go down drastically once it starts displaying those
warnings. i am not sure about correctness of the program's output as well,
i.e., the program produces output, but i don't know if it is complete.

kind regards,

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