Re: Enhancement Request (code provided)

From: Martyn J. Pearce <>
Date: Sat Apr 12 2003 - 18:10:47 GMT

Greetings Douglas, Richard,

On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 06:57:52PM -0500, Douglas Finkle wrote:
> One of my colleagues (rhb) has extended to include the ability
> to follow changes from the branch node forward when used in conjunction
> with the -F option. Perhaps you could include it in your next release,
> (but give credit to Rick).

I have integrated the patch as supplied. If you would send me a test case of
this in use (a smallish cvs log output, and the output of cvs2cl being run on
this log with the --no-ancestors option), then that would be grand, for I
could include it in a test suite to avoid future regression.

Thanks very much for this,
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