cvs2cl upgrade?

From: Stuart Donaldson <>
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 01:51:15 GMT

 I was wondering if there was any more work planned on cvs2cl?

 I have integrated it into viewcvs (a web cvs viewer) which required a
small patch to cvs2cl. The patch adds a '--rcs' option which tells it
to parse the full_path_name based on the RCS file name rather than the
Working file name. The reason for this, is that when run on the server
it uses rlog as it is operating on the repository directly, rather than
in a working directory. The Working file name is always listed without
a path, however the RCS filename has the path.

 Anyway, are you interested in folding this patch into cvs2cl? I would
rather not have to apply the patch separately.

 I also have a cvs2cl.cgi wrapper which calls and formats the
output as html. This could be integrated into, but I wanted
to do the minimal amount of changes there.

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