XSLT to transform cvs2cl output to HTML

Alejandro's mail explains it all:

  From: Alejandro Dobniewski
  Subject: my new xslt for cvs2cl shows tagdates
  To: Karl Fogel
  Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 10:43:16 -0300
  Hi. I'm managing a CVS repository at my work and use cvs2cl to
  generate de changelog. Because I wanted to publish the changelog in
  html in the continuous integration server (we use http://hudson-ci.org/
  by the way, it's great) and the xslt stylesheets wasn't showing
  tagdates I modified upon the Daniel Ciaglia one. In the process I
  changed a the way it works to use xsl:template match that IMHO is a
  cleaner and more extensible aproach because one can add other tags
  to the xml and the changes to the xsl stylesheet are easier.

  I'm attaching my xslt and a shell script that I use to generate the
  changelog from the server in the hope that it maybe usefull to
  others. The script probably should be adapted to each installation.

You could use this to generate a changelog automatically and publish it on a continuous integration server, for example.

A while later, Alejandro said he'd uploaded it to https://sourceforge.net/projects/cvs2html and "made a few small improvements". Although the main project page there seems to be broken (it doesn't point to any files as of December 2010), the Subversion repository containing his work is available:


I try to keep the versions here in sync with the copies in that Subversion repository. If you notice any differences, please let me know.