The status of this project is: NEW. It’s pretty rough but moving quickly.


To get the code:

hg clone


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Njiiri is a GTK+ client for MPD, written in Ruby. It tries to look and feel more like a normal desktop program than a fancy media player: standard toolbar buttons, standard “open dialog”, no configuration whatsoever. I believe GUI programs should stay out of your face and all use the same controls so you don’t have to think.

Since it’s an MPD client, it doesn’t do everything. Other clients can handle hot keys, submit to, be scriptable, etc. If you only want to install one MPD client, it might not be what you’re looking for. If you use command-line tools frequently and open and close a GUI as you need it, it might be just what you want.

If you grew up with a turntable like me, and like to play one album, then pick out another, and eventually put everything away, you don’t even need to switch back to the player window. Just keep clicking “Play Now” and then go back and “Clear” when you’re done. You can also easily insert songs after the current one, and set any song to “cue” itself by pausing MPD when the song before it finishes.


Player Window Player Window


It’s very slow; hopefully Ruby 1.9 will improve some of the hot spots (threading, creating procs, gigantic GTK+ support code).

The following things are not implemented, but planned for 1.0:


Njiiri (“en-JEERY”) is named in honor of Kari Njiiri, DJ of the program Jazz Safari on WFCR (something else I grew up with).