Brian Fitzpatrick

Our motto is Caveat Emptor which means 'we hope you like it!'

from "Lambda Expressway" By Erik Ray

Open Source Involvement


I've been working on Subversion since its inception in 2000. The Subversion development community is one of the most amazing groups of people that I've ever been privileged to be a member of.


I am one of the main authors of cvs2svn. Converting CVS repositories into Subversion repositories is by far one of the most difficult (and interesting) projects I've ever worked on. I worked through some of the hairiest problems by pair programming with Karl Fogel.

Apache Portable Runtime (APR)

I'm a committer and PMC member for APR, but nowadays most of my involvement with the ASF is administrative in nature.


I am a "Fire Alumnus" as I contributed to Fire a long time ago. It's still a great IM client for Mac OS X

If you want fame and fortune in the Free Software World, don't write a killer app--write a Doo-Dad.
--Adam Di Carlo, on cdlabelgen.



broken-keyboard.el is an Emacs hack that will bind itself to a key initially, and randomly either double insert that key or pause for a wee bit after the user types it. After broken-keyboard-repeat times, it will unbind itself, return the key to self-insert-command, and choose another key from broken-keys and bind itself to that key. If you fire this up without the debug messages on, you're probably best off to just kill emacs and start over to save yourself. I wrote this a loooong time ago as a prank on a colleague who had rigged my desktop to display random, err, "photos."
NOTE: Don't act surprised when the person that you pull this trick on finds out that you did it and rips your lungs out with a spork.


cdlabelgen generates frontcards and traycards for CDs. Written in Perl back in the late 90's, it generates lovingly handcrafted Postscript. No longer under active development. Use Disc-Cover instead.


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