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From: Kathryn Hintergardt <yintao@earthlink.net>

  0. How (that is, by whom) did you join Red Bean, and approximately
     when?  Who in Red Bean knows you in real life, so we could ask
     them if you suddenly appear to disappear?

Noel Cragg introduced me to Red Bean.  We worked together at RAIN in
Santa Barbara.  I met Jim Blandy and Karl Fogel during their visits to
Noel in SB.

  1. Do you use Red Bean as your primary email address and/or primary
     Web server (i.e., is your home page here)?

I use Red Bean as a host for our non-profit organization's website
(International Institute for the Intuitive Intellect, Inc., aka The
Wisdom of Loving Foundation.)
http://www.wisdomofloving.org/  Thank you for hosting our site!

  2. Do you know anything about Unix system administration?
     Programming?  Tell everything about you and computers... :-)

My hands on knowledge of Unix sysadmin is minimal.  The majority of my
computer life has been spent in "Mac" land, first in DTP and now as a
web/multimedia designer and author.  I am currently webmaster for the
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and also do independent
web/multimedia development (just finishing up my first e-commerce site.)

  3. Anything else about yourself you'd like made known?  Put it here,
     anything goes.

Noel and I did an interesting project together in 1998. We designed,
developed, and installed an Internet based, wireless, touchscreen, public
access Weather Kiosk for the marine sanctuary and installed it at the
fuel dock in Santa Barbara Harbor. It has run continuously since the
installation in October 1998 and the fishermen and boaters use it daily
to check the weather before they venture out. It has a Linux box,
wireless LAN, sunlight readable display, and a through glass
touchscreen.  The display is small (10.4") so we had to make it possible
for people to scroll and navigate without a visible interface. NOAA (the
sanctuary's parent org) loved it and there has been talk of installing
them at all of the (12) marine sanctuaries. Its informative, its fun, its
simple, and it works.

  4. Optional information: what's your snail address and phone, in
     case something goes down and we need to reach you that way?
     (This information will not be published on the Web unless you
     specifically grant permission.)

[not public]

  5. Do you play bagpipes?

Only on Guy Faulkes Day.