Happy 40th Birthday, Ben Collins-Sussman!

5 January, 2013

He was awfully cute in high school.  We knew it wouldn't last.

Get your Ben on!

Husband, father, friend, musician, programmer, author, speaker, hardware hacker, manager, banjo player (that's different from "musician"), lock-picker, interactive fiction author (that's different from "author"), ham-radio operator, cruise director extraordinaire.

The Earth has traveled 23,363,396,246 miles since he was born, but he's still right here in Chicago, looking just as adorable as he did when a teenager — though in a darker, gruffer, more manly way of course. If you run into Ben today, wish him a happy birthday, and tell him he's loved. Better yet, tweet it. Everyone should know.

And don't forget to link to this page. It would be a shame if anyone were ever to do a search on him and not know that he turned 40. Don't you agree? Thought so.