ToC/LoT/Index Generation

Table of Contents

annotate.toc - Annotate the Table of Contents?
autotoc.label.separator - Separator between labels and titles in the ToC
process.source.toc - FIXME:
process.empty.source.toc - FIXME: - Should bridgehead elements appear in the TOC?
manual.toc - An explicit TOC to be used for the TOC
toc.list.type - Type of HTML list element to use for Tables of Contents
toc.section.depth - How deep should recursive sections appear in the TOC?
toc.max.depth - How maximaly deep should be each TOC?
generate.toc - Control generation of ToCs and LoTs
generate.section.toc.level - Control depth of TOC generation in sections
generate.index - Do you want an index?