Table of Contents

htmlhelp.encoding - Character encoding to use in files for HTML Help compiler.
htmlhelp.autolabel - Should tree-like ToC use autonumbering feature?
htmlhelp.chm - Filename of output HTML Help file.
htmlhelp.default.topic - Name of file with default topic
htmlhelp.display.progress - Display compile progress?
htmlhelp.hhp - Filename of project file.
htmlhelp.hhc - Filename of TOC file.
htmlhelp.hhk - Filename of index file.
htmlhelp.hhp.tail - Additional content for project file.
htmlhelp.hhp.window - Name of default window. - Definition of additional windows
htmlhelp.enhanced.decompilation - Allow enhanced decompilation of CHM?
htmlhelp.enumerate.images - Should be paths to all used images added to project file? - Should be [MAP] and [ALIAS] section added to project file unconditionaly? - Filename of map file.
htmlhelp.alias.file - Filename of map file.
htmlhelp.hhc.section.depth - Depth of TOC for sections in a left pane. - Should be entry for root element shown in ToC?
htmlhelp.hhc.folders.instead.books -
htmlhelp.hhc.binary -
htmlhelp.hhc.width - Width of navigation (ToC) pane
htmlhelp.title - Title of HTML Help - Should be menu shown? - Show text under toolbar buttons? - Should be advanced search available? - Should be favorities tab shown?
htmlhelp.button.hideshow - Should be Hide/Show button shown?
htmlhelp.button.back - Should be Back button shown?
htmlhelp.button.forward - Should be Forward button shown?
htmlhelp.button.stop - Should be Stop button shown?
htmlhelp.button.refresh - Should be Refresh button shown?
htmlhelp.button.home - Should be Home button shown?
htmlhelp.button.home.url - URL address of page accessible by Home button
htmlhelp.button.options - Should be Options button shown?
htmlhelp.button.print - Should be Print button shown?
htmlhelp.button.locate - Should be Locate button shown?
htmlhelp.button.jump1 - Should be Jump1 button shown?
htmlhelp.button.jump1.url - URL address of page accessible by Jump1 button
htmlhelp.button.jump1.title - Title of Jump1 button
htmlhelp.button.jump2 - Should be Jump2 button shown?
htmlhelp.button.jump2.url - URL address of page accessible by Jump2 button
htmlhelp.button.jump2.title - Title of Jump2 button - Should be Next button shown?
htmlhelp.button.prev - Should be Prev button shown?
htmlhelp.button.zoom - Should be Zoom button shown?
htmlhelp.remember.window.position - Remember help window position?
htmlhelp.window.geometry - Set initial geometry of help window
htmlhelp.use.hhk - Should be index built using HHK file?
htmlhelp.only - Should be only project files generated?