DocBook XSL Stylesheet Release Notes

DocBook Open Repository Team

$Id: RELEASE-NOTES.xml,v 1.21 2004/02/27 18:17:27 nwalsh Exp $

08 May 2003

These are the release notes for the DocBook XSL Stylesheets. This file documents (mostly) changes to the public APIs. What, exactly, counts as a public API is still somewhat in question, but it includes at least the global parameters.

You may also be interested in the more detailed WhatsNew.

Release 1.65.0

Release 1.64.1

General bug fixes and improvements. Sorry about the failure to produce an updated release notes file for 1.62.0—1.63.2

Release 1.61.0

Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

Release 1.60.1

Lots of bug fixes.

Release 1.59.2

The 1.59.2 fixes an FO bug in the page masters that causes FOP to fail.

Release 1.59.1

The 1.59.1 fixes a few bugs.

Release 1.58.0

The 1.58.0 adds some initial support for extensions in xsltproc, adds a few features, and fixes bugs.

Release 1.57.0

Release 1.56.0

The 1.56.0 release fixes bugs.

Release 1.55.0

The 1.55.0 fixes a few bugs and reorganizes some parameters.

Release 1.54.1

The 1.54.1 release fixes a couple of bugs in 1.54.0.

Release 1.54.0

The 1.54.0 release fixes some bugs and adds a couple of new features.

Release 1.53.0

The 1.53.0 release fixes some bugs, refactors page masters, and adds some new parameters.

Release 1.52.0

The 1.52.0 release contains a lot of significant changes. Make sure you read the ChangeLog as well.

Release 1.51.0

Release 1.50.0