How to send me email that won't be mistaken for spam.

My personal email address is

If you've sent me mail and I haven't responded, it might be because something about your mail looked too much like spam. That could cause either me or my spam filters to miscategorize it. But you can greatly reduce the chances of this happening by putting a special marker in the "Subject:" header of your mail:

   Subject: [KNOTSPAM] Hi, Karl, long time no see...

The "[KNOTSPAM]" causes the mail to be put into a special folder, reserved only for mails with that string in the subject. It also stands out to my eye when I'm visually scanning, and provides an SIP to search for periodically in my spam folder.

One of the techniques I sometimes use to fight spam is known as greylisting. Because of the way greylisting works, it's possible that legitimate mails will occasionally be bounced and lost; this can happen if the sending server doesn't implement the recommended standard retry behavior. So if you've sent me mail with the "[KNOTSPAM]" marker, and it still doesn't seem to have gotten through, please try to reach me by phone or IRC. I'm user kfogel on the FreeNode IRC network.

How to find me in IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

I'm usually on the Freenode IRC network, with the username "kfogel". The channels I'musually findable in are: #opentechstrategies, #osi, #conservancy, #red-bean, #questioncopyright, #emacs, and #svn-dev. You can also privately message ("privmsg") me. For more about using IRC, see and PGP/GnuPG public key.

I'm "kfogel" on Keybase: My GPG public key is 0xC5ED8345; see my public key page for more.

How to verify my identity in real time.

Please see the Instant Answer Protocol.

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