Microsoft Scrollbar-Dragging Behavior Spreading?

Jonas Bentzen made this depressing reply to my little rant about the Microsoft Windows scrollbar stupidity:

From: Jonas Koch Bentzen <>
Subject: Microsoft Scrollbar-Dragging Behavior Considered Harmful
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 00:52:18 +0200

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> If your interest doesn't flag, and I'm feeling particularly malicious,
> I might even talk about how the scroll-bar behavior in Microsoft
> Windows reveals that the implementor actually wrote extra code to get
> it wrong.
> the MS behavior is FUCKING ANNOYING
> Meanwhile, the other rule applies in every other system I can remember
> seeing

Well, not exactly! :-) Even Linux users like me experience the problem.
For a long time now I've been annoyed by the scrollbar in kfm (the KDE
file manager). Then, when I read your description of the scrollbar
problem, I suddenly realized that the problem was not my mouse (which I
thought -- the mouse is totally dirty inside, so it doesn't really move
that well), but kfm. I tried some other Linux programs - no problems
there. The problems only occur with KDE programs (or more precisely:
Qt). The KDE people have been doing a lot to make UNIX look like Windows
(and unlike a lot of "nerds", I like that, since it means that Linux can
be a real alternative to Windows), but the scrollbar is one thing they
should *not* have copied... :-)

Venlig hilsen
	Jonas Koch Bentzen

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